Conventional Polypropylene Sandbags : These bags are manufactured in UV Stabilised Polypropylene for long life outdoor use and are supplied in flatpack bundles. All bags supplied with integrated tie off strings.

Key Features :
  • UV Stabilised.
  • Suitable for all Applications.

Aqua-sac Sandless FloodBags - No Sand Required

Floodbags : Traditional sandbags cannot easily be stored “ready to go” and are heavy to transport when filled. A “sandbag” which can be stored as a flat bag & filled quickly on site would be an ideal solution to the transport difficulties. The solution would be to use a “flat pack” bag which requires no sand – and this is the FLOODBAG. The FLOODBAG is made from a bio-degradable woven jute outer skin, with a cotton liner, which contains a super absorbent polymer which simply absorbs freshwater. To use the FLOODBAG , remove the protective outer plastic bag – immerse the bag in water, the polymar rapidly absorbs the water, swelling in 5-8 minutes to a typical sand bag size weighing approximately 16Kg. All of the sandbags materials are bio-degradable and can be stored for a minimum of five years in dry conditions.

Floodgate Ireland is proud to be the Authorised Distributor of Aqua Sac Products in Ireland

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Key Features :
  • Easy to store
  • No Sand Required.
  • Sandbag Alternative
  • Compact Storage.
  • Rapid Deployment.
  • Expands within minutes.
  • This Product is biodegradable
  • Suitable for all Applications.

Step 1 : Unpack Flat Sandbag
Dry Size : 13” x 30” x 0.4”
330mm x 762mm x 10mm

Step 2 : Place Sandbag in water
Inflated Size : 13” x 30” x 9.8”
330mm x 762mm x 249mm

Step 3 : Sandbag is fully inflated
Inflated Size : 13” x 30” x 9.8”
330mm x 762mm x 249mm