NOAQ Boxwall (500mm Height)

The Award winning NOAQ Boxwall The NOAQ Boxwall is a freestanding flood barrier designed for use in urban environments that feature hard and even surfaces like asphalt streets and concrete floors. Like the NOAQ Tubewall, the NOAQ Boxwall is anchored using
the weight of the floodwater alone. This award-winning ”bookend principle” technology allows us to make the barrier extremely lightweight, 5.5 kg per running metre (3,7 lbs per running foot). Each ”box” weighs less than 3.5 kg (7.5 lbs). Despite it’s light weight, the 50 cm (2 ft) high barrier is reliably stable even when damming water to its upper edge!

A NOAQ Boxwall is assembled by simply snapping boxes together to the desired length and fixing them to each other using clamps. The +/-3° flexible coupling also makes it possible to
create curves in the wall. After use, the boxes are easily detached and can be cleaned using a garden hose.

New NOAQ Boxwall (1 Meter Height)

The New 1 Meter Height NOAQ Boxwall is able to dam 1 meter of water and is self-anchoring, as it is automatically ballasted by the weight of the flood water. The higher the water rises, the harder is the barrier pressed against the ground. Utilizing the weight of the water, the barrier itself doesn’t need to be heavy. The BW102 ”boxes” weigh only 15.2 kg each and the barrier not more than 17 kg per meter. This makes it easy to use, and fast to deploy. Two people can build 100 linear metres of boxwall in an hour.

A Boxwall is built by snapping the boxes together. No tools are needed. Gradual curves are made by connecting the boxes at a slight angle.

FloodGuardian Tubular Barrier

Flood Guardian™ is a temporary flood barrier. Manufactured from rugged neoprene rubber, Flood Guardian™ is a self anchoring barrier with both flexibility and mobility to make it useful in many applications.

Applications and Durability
Originally developed for the marine industry as a counter pollution boom for keeping oil and/or pollution off beaches. The flood guardian boom comes in both standard or customised sizes and is manufactured from a durable neoprene rubber material.

  • Made from Rugged, Versatile and Durable Neoprene
  • Simple and Fast Installation
  • Lightweight : 3 kg/m.
  • Self anchoring barrier: No additional skirt or weights needed.
  • Standard section length : 5m - 50m
  • Standard sizes: 500mm, 750mm or 1000mm
  • Weight : 3 kg/m.
  • Overall tensile strength: 102 kN

The Floodguardian barrier is supplied with a petrol air blower and a petrol water pump. The process is that the tube is laid out in position and
filled with air. The tube will be fully deployed but can be moved or adjusted as required. The bottom tubes are then filled with water. The water displaces
the air via a pressure relief valve. The requirement is to fill the bottom tubes by the order of 50% as the water is used as ballast only. This
makes the deployment very fast compared to similar products and from a manpower point of view, two people can hand carry 10m of product at a time.

NOAQ Tubewall Flood Fighting System
The NOAQ patented Flood Fighting System is a completely new and revolutionary concept for rapid flood protection. The system is comprised of inflatable plastic tubes that interconnect to create a temporary water barrier, a "Tubewall".

A traditional sandbag dike can withstand the water pressure because of the weight of the sand. The NOAQ Tubewall is instead utilizing the weight of the floodwater!

Each tube has a skirt fused to the side facing the water. As the floodwater rises, the increasing water pressure squeezes the skirt against the ground, securely anchoring the tube. The NOAQ Tubewall becomes impossible to move!

The device is quick and easy to set up which gives you the opportunity to take command of the situation and to take the offense in flood defense!
  • Unbeatably light: 0.3% of the weight of a corresponding sandbag dike makes it lighter than any other device.
  • Fast Installation: The low weight makes for fast installation, enabling you to save more property in less time. Two people erect 60 m/hour (and dismount it at the same speed!)
  • Stable: Even when damming water to the brim.
  • Flexible: Works as well on lawns and meadows as it does on concrete and asphalt.
  • No ground damage: Neither from the device itself, nor from heavy vehicles.
  • Neat and handy: Takes little storage space when collapsed, and is easy to ship.