Floodgate Airvent
The Vent Guard is designed to protect vulnerable breathing points e.g. Air bricks and gas vents on the exterior of properties. Once sited, it takes seconds to operate the unique bung system thus sealing the breathe systems effectively against water intrusion.

The vent guard is manufactured rust proofed and can be painted any colour to suit individual requirements. A range of ornamental styles are available upon request

Single brick vent cover
Double brick vent cover
Single Vent Cover
SMART Airbrick®
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The innovative design acts essentially as a standard airbrick allowing unrestricted airflow underneath the property, yet under flood conditions uses the rising water to automatically shut off, inhibiting access through the airbricks and therefore flooding underneath the property. Unlike sand bags and covers no flood warning or pre flood intervention is required.

The SMART Airbrick® achieved the BBA PPA No06/P001, requires no external power supply to operate and can be easily cleaned post flooding, providing protection 24/7 over and over again.


AirBrick Terracotta
Airbrick-expanded view
AirBrick Grey