Glass Flood Barriers
Glass Barrier Installation
Glass Barriers : Made from specially engineered high strength glass and capable of handing floods up to 1.8 meters in height. The glass barrier is a visually appealing flood defence barrier and an ideal choice in locations where aesthetics are paramount.  The glass barrier is available in various configurations,  as a standalone barrier of any length and any contour or incorporated into slot in barriers or any traditional flood defence systems.
The self cleaning glass and stainless steel frames (grade 316) is suited to withstanding even the harshest environments.
Automatic Flood Barrier - Flood/Containment Barrier

The automatic barrier systems are ideal for Chemical and industrial uses. The automatic barrier systems safely retain chemical spills and polluted water inside the building ready for safe disposal by the emergency services. These auto drop down systems are available in fully automatic or semi automatic configurations.

Flip Up Barrier Video  
Drop-Down Barrier Video

Key Features
  • Safely retain chemical spills and polluted water inside the building
  • Built to the highest quality standards and TUV tested and Approved
  • All components designed to resist chemicals and pollutants
  • Spark-proof components for use in explosive environments
  • Manual, gas-filled, semi-automatic and fully automatic systems available
  • Fully Automatic systems can be triggered by
    • Fire alarm systems
    • Smoke detectors
    • Heat detectors
    • Water detectors
  • Semi-Auto Barriers can be operated by individual switches, or from a central master switch
  • Over 12,000 units installed in Europe
  • Barriers for any size opening from 900mm to 6500mm
  • Standard barrier heights 300mm, 600mm, 900mm or other sizes by order.
Pivot Flood Barriers - Flood/Containment Barrier
Pivot Flood/Containment Barrier : The pivot flood barrier is suitable as a flood protection or spill containment barrier. The gas lift mechanism allows for the barrier to be raised or lowered without effort.. The barrier is suitable for wide openings such as loading bays. The barrier is specifically designed with chemical resistant rubber seals to prevent a chemical leak. Likewise the barrier is also capable of preventing flood waters from entering a property.

This system is available in 300m or 600mm heights ( custom heights are available) and openings up to 6,eters wide.