NOAQ Boxwall (500mm Height)

The Award winning NOAQ Boxwall The NOAQ Boxwall is a freestanding flood barrier designed for use in urban environments that feature hard and even surfaces like asphalt streets and concrete floors. Like the NOAQ Tubewall, the NOAQ Boxwall is anchored using
the weight of the floodwater alone. This award-winning ”bookend principle” technology allows us to make the barrier extremely lightweight, 5.5 kg per running metre (3,7 lbs per running foot). Each ”box” weighs less than 3.5 kg (7.5 lbs). Despite it’s light weight, the 50 cm (2 ft) high barrier is reliably stable even when damming water to its upper edge!

A NOAQ Boxwall is assembled by simply snapping boxes together to the desired length and fixing them to each other using clamps. The +/-3° flexible coupling also makes it possible to
create curves in the wall. After use, the boxes are easily detached and can be cleaned using a garden hose.

New NOAQ Boxwall (1 Meter Height)

The New 1 Meter Height NOAQ Boxwall is able to dam 1 meter of water and is self-anchoring, as it is automatically ballasted by the weight of the flood water. The higher the water rises, the harder is the barrier pressed against the ground. Utilizing the weight of the water, the barrier itself doesn’t need to be heavy. The BW102 ”boxes” weigh only 15.2 kg each and the barrier not more than 17 kg per meter. This makes it easy to use, and fast to deploy. Two people can build 100 linear metres of boxwall in an hour.

A Boxwall is built by snapping the boxes together. No tools are needed. Gradual curves are made by connecting the boxes at a slight angle.